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Journal Club – 4. Red Meat and Cancer.


By now you have probably become aware of the headlines linking red and processed meat with cancer. So we will have a closer look at this latest headline catching piece of research for our latest Journal Club. We will meet on Friday 13th November to discuss it. There is a fair bit of reading to do so start early.

The first place to start is with the published paper. However it hasn’t been published yet (this blog was written the day after it made all the news headlines). What we do have is a ‘News Article’ published in the Lancet which you can find below. Start with this article and ask the following questions. What is the big picture? What work does this article build upon? Has it added anything new to the area? From the details given, how confident are you about the claims made? How confident are the authors about the claims made? Should it have been released ahead of the full paper?

Red meat and cancer

Now read the press release and make notes on how accurately it reflects the summary article. It also contains a useful link to a Q&A session on this work which you should look at.

Red meat press release

Finally, have a look at the media reporting of this story. I have provided 2 links but I encourage you to find other examples and share them with us.  Do these articles accurately represent the research? Do they understand the research? Do they help us to understand the research? Do they have their own agenda?

Since our last Journal Club meeting on Sugar causing Diabetes I’d just moved from my 2 slices of toast smothered in jam alongside a glass of breakfast orange to a bacon sandwich and a cup of Bovril. What am I supposed to do now!?