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Timeline of Atomic Models


A fairly common criticism of Science & Scientists is that we change our minds. We say something one day and contradict ourselves the next day. This implies that we don’t really know what we are talking about and that changing your mind is a weakness.

However, it is the ability to change our minds in the face of evidence that gives Science its strength. The scientific method (which we will explore in greater detail in Journal Club) is all about looking at the evidence and making a statement or coming to a conclusion based upon the strength of that evidence. If the evidence changes (due to better equipment, different evidence or from discoveries in other branches of science) then it is the duty of the Scientist to follow the evidence and not hold to their personal view (contrast that with politics).

Your task is to collectively produce a timeline showing how the model of the atom has changed over the years. Who were the scientists involved and what experiments, evidence or thought led them to consider that their model was correct? Submit your findings (by replying to this post) on your particular area and I will order them into a Timeline on this blog. Another powerful thing that scientists do, is share their work and review and evaluate the work of others, so remember to cite all your sources of information (that means using more than just the 1st website you come across) as this can lend credibility to your work.