Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Life of a Polymer

Polymers are an essential part of modern life. They are everywhere and taken for granted as a part of our lives. The production of polymers and plastics is part of the industrial landscape of Teesside.


Until recently we haven’t really considered the impact of our polymer obsession on the environment and the use of resources in the making and disposing of polymers. We are now encouraged to recycle plastics and are being charged for plastic bags from shops.


Your task is to take an addition polymer of your choice and try to follow the process from synthesis to use to disposal. You should consider the chemistry involved showing the monomers and polymerisation process and highlight the energy and resources consumed in its production. You should link the chemistry with function and properties and also show how the use of renewable resources, renewable energy, recycling and energy recovery can contribute to a more sustainable and greener industry.

Remember our findings from Journal Club and use a variety of different sources, evaluate your sources of information and cite everything you use.