Monthly Archives: August 2015

Journal Club – An Introduction


A Journal Club is a high-level way of people getting together to review and discuss a scientific article, a piece of research or a way of thinking. It is a forum for everyone to express a view, put forward an opinion or simply just listen to the discussion. It should open your minds and allow you to gain deeper understanding into a specific topic that has been chosen in advance.

Initially I propose that this club runs every 2 weeks and discusses a topic I will post about 2 weeks in advance, giving everyone time to consider the topic in question. It will start with generic topics covering Science in general and advance into looking at the process behind actual scientific publications. It will hopefully make you all more rounded Scientists, give you an insight into the world of scientific publishing and equip you with a critical way of considering evidence and associated claims. Essentially it will prepare you for the really tricky interview scenarios that top level Universities and employers like to throw at you to see how you think about stuff that’s not on the science curriculum.

The purpose of this blog and of Journal Club is for you to share and improve your understanding from each other, not just me. Don’t forget to make comments, post work and read each other’s posts. What you get from this unique experience is related to what you put into it.