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Is Chemistry worth studying?

Whilst ‘Big Physics’ seems to have captured the publics imagination and has more than its fair share of celebrity scientists, chemistry and chemists continue in their unassuming way.

Take a moment to consider how chemistry has changed the world around you. Think about items such as plastics, fibres, paints, medicines, preservatives, fertilisers to help feed the world, fuels and so on. The modern world is the creation of chemists.

As you embark on your A-level in chemistry and hopefully continue your exploration beyond these 2 years I want you to think about how chemistry has changed, is changing or may change the world we live in. Pick an area of interest, do some research and tell us all about it on this blog.

Be creative, be interesting, link to other sites if you wish, but above all be original. Make sure to reference any material you use or quote. When you have finished it, post it in here. Since it’s a blog, feel free to comment and ask questions about the work you read on here.